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Ron's Black Love

My Black Love has helped me embrace the beauty of my dark skin and to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of my ancestral lineage. Black Love is a reminder of my power. My two young son's fuel my efforts for overcoming black generational trauma. Black Love is about learning from our past as we build a better future. It is about authenticity and loving the diversity of our humanity. I celebrate every aspect of my being, especially when proudly representing my LGBTQ+ community. Black Love is for everyone. It is for those of us who believe a different world is possible. It is about everlasting hope mixed with realistic expectations. It is about being a part of the change I want to see now and in the future. This is my Black Love. 

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My Black Love Custom Candles 

My Black Love candles offer two signature scents, Mahogany and Teakwood.

My Mahogany candle starts off with a sweet almond aroma that gives way to hints of shea and coconut. As a child, shea butter was a staple aroma in my household. With this Mahogany, I set out to create an androgynous scent that would combine a softer floral with the familiar aromas of wood, amber, and cedar.  I've finished it off with top notes of bamboo for a very pleasant and relaxing aroma.

My Teakwood candle has a strong rich teakwood base which I've infused with oak and sandalwood allowing for a muskier finish. I've become more appreciative the sights and smells found in nature which is why I set out to create an aroma that'll remind me of past family hiking trips and our crazy camping adventures. I've added base notes of grapefruit and oakmoss along with hints of cedar and lavender making this a more masculine fragrance.  

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